I like to take photos and also to spread them all over the internet ;-). It’s a hobby, I don’t want to get rich or famous with them but I appreciate if people like them. So here you can find my pictures:

  • I actually put most of the photos on Instagram now.
  • Instagram posts are crossposted to tumblr and Flickr
  • On Picasa / Google+ – nearly all of them as I use to put up complete Albums on Picasa. Then I display them directly in the blog using the “Alpine PhotoTile for Picasa and Google Plus” Plugin
  • The FB page Streetpixx Ruhrgebiet also frequently features some of my pictures 😉
  • On Panoramio – there are usually my landscape / architecture / animals / flower pictures – most of them will be added to Google Maps
  • On Facebook / VK / twitter – I don’t want to flood the social networks with all photos I take so I usually just choose some of them and link to the blog
  • On 500px – I’m quite new there and have to find out what it’s really for, I put some of the pictures I considered as “highlights” there

So if you like my pictures, just download them from anywhere on the top (Picasa or Panoramio should be the best choice as photos are kept in full resolution there). Keep in mind that I put most of them under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license, which means you can use them and pass them on, but only with attribution and under the same licence conditions.