Making sense of the remaining leave today and tomorrow

So, after a bit of a gloomy time I had during the last weeks, today I finally had a good start into my last 2 days of spending the remaining leave of 2013 today and tomorrow. 🙂  I’ll probably meet some people from “Neu in Dortmund” at Cakes’n’Treats at 10.30 (feel free to join, there’s also an FB event visible for members of said group).

Later at 13.00 I’ll meet at least one friend for lunch at Caracalla (feel also free to join).

Then there’s a pending couch request (the first “official” of this year, the other guests were friends who contacted me directly) by an interesting person, she’s from NZ and travelled 6 months through Europe and I guess she’ll have some stories to tell, should she make it to Dortmund tomorrow.

Having nearly made up for the days off hour-wise in the office this week I hope to spend not too much time at the PC, there are some private tasks left but I guess I’ll just do the ones friends asked me for and leave the not-pressing private ones (working on the blog for example) to a rainy afternoon . 😉

To those who celebrate carnival during the next days, have a good time!